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To ensure we install a long-lasting product, we provide whatever work necessary from the start. Whether it involves removing existing surfacing, prepping the aggregate base, installing concrete or curbing, or more, you can be rest assured the quality surface we provide you have a strong foundation to stand on!

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Our durable artificial turf is made of strong Monofilament fiber that is environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals, and far superior to other turf made from Slit-Film material. And not all Monofilament artificial grass is the same. We use only the highest quality materials to make our synthetic turf and are 100% sure that our Artificial Turf is the best High-performance artificial turf system in the market.

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Field Turf

Whether you need a strong, unified, and impact-absorbing surface for your sports team, a long-lasting, antimicrobial infill for stadiums or indoor arenas, or any sports turf, go with the proven winner Pacific Tide Construction.


Artificial Turf

Maintenance & Repair

On average, an athlete will carry off two to three pounds of infill material during a playing season. Without infill support, the fibers in your turf may break off prematurely. Grooming rejuvenates the fibers, which maximizes performance and keeps your field looking good longer. Regular grooming also gives your field extra padding, improves traction and ensures proper drainage.

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Come to us for the shade canopy to cover your weekend picnic or the sail shade to protect kids on their outdoor playground. Use a cantilever structure to protect and cool cars from the harsh sunlight, or choose a triangle sail shade for a pool or aquatic center. Our most recent addition is the Portable Retractable Umbrella. This unique umbrella is perfect for outdoor dining or poolside lounging. It's rated and warranted for use in up to 35 miles per hour wind environments.

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Our crew will bring all of the necessary tools & materials and will handle every aspect of your install. Your newly purchased equipment will be assembled and installed by our crew in the safest most efficient manner possible.




We offer premiere maintenance programs tailored specifically to your needs, with the goal of keeping your equipment maintained, and above all safe, for years to come.

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