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Site-Work Construction

PTC | Site Work

Quality that goes beneath the surface.

Installation and Construction Work by the Experts.

At Pacific Tide Construction, we’re not only proud of the quality that goes into our Playgrounds, Shade, Pavillions, and Sports Surfacing and Artificial Turf systems we build, but of the superior quality that goes into our work before the installation even happens.

Professional and Expert Installation of all of our Park & Recreation and Sports Surfacing Sites.

Every construction site is different, and every project has different challenges to address before any finishing trade such as Poured-In-Place, Artificial Turf, or Site Amenities is installed. 


To ensure we install a long-lasting product, we provide whatever work necessary from the start. Whether it involves removing existing surfacing, prepping the aggregate base, installing concrete or curbing, or more, you can be rest assured the quality surface we provide you will have a strong foundation to stand on!

Site Work

  • Demolition

  • Tear-out existing surfaces

  • Aggregate surfaces

  • Drainage Systems

  • Safety Barriers

  • Concrete curbing

  • Landscaping preparation and more

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